Friends' Scholarship Program

©2012 Friends of St. Charles Public Library
In 2004, the Friends began a scholarship program in an effort to aid staff members
or volunteers who wanted to finish or continue their education. The scholarships
may be used for continuing education classes, seminars, workshops and/or
related materials. Since the program began, the Friends have awarded over
$16,000 in scholarships.

In 2013, fthree scholarships were awarded to staff members Steve Bumpas, Nick Chaney, Deborah Stowell. The Friends are delighted to award scholarships to these deserving staff members and wish them well in their continuing endeavors.


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From left - 2013 Friends' Scholarship recipients Steve Bumpas, Nick Chaney, Deborah Stowell


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Friends of St. Charles Public Library is an adult
group that helps the Library by raising funds to
support special programs for patrons of all ages
and to purchase equipment that is beyond
the Library's regular budget.